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About Us

When we are already flooded with information on social media, news portals, and YouTube channels, you may ask, “What more do we get through and Pairokar TV?”
We confidently say that a good and quality product always has its significance and relevance. and YouTube channel Pairokar TV will also always have significance and relevance in this sense.  Everyone has the freedom to post anything on social media right now.  There is also a massive explosion of information simultaneously on other digital media platforms. In such a situation, the traditional print and electronic media challenges have grown multi-times.  As a result, traditional media has joined the blindfolded race to compete with social media news providers. A large section of the traditional media has also started sensationalizing information by distorting it to remain relevant among the audience.
Despite the large-scale opening of new windows of information, doubts have arisen about the credibility and authenticity of the news. and Pairokar YouTube Channel Pairokar TV creates and broadcasts content keeping in mind the common man’s needs, voice, and interests through texts and videos.  Keeping the needs in mind means the Pairokar Group is committed to presenting complete informative content related to health, education, employment, business, entrepreneurship development, government schemes, Art, Culture, sports, entertainment, etc.

Our Motto:
We are not in a rush to distort facts.  We will not ignore the information and news related to the interest of the common man.The Pairokar Group believes in neutrality and impartiality in presenting facts and authentic information.
The credit for establishing the Pairokar Group goes to Anwar Hussain, a senior journalist awarded the Yugal Kishore Shukla Journalism Award for best contribution in Hindi journalism. In his student days, Mr. Hussain started journalism as a freelancer with reputed newspapers like Sunday Mail, Jansatta, and Current Post Mortem.  In the late 90s, he joined the Evening Dainik Mahanagar as a sub Editor, a full-time journalist.  Anwar worked as a senior correspondent with Dainik Jagran for 15 years and Prabhat Khabar for four years.  Apart from this, he gained vast knowledge of digital media as he successfully worked with international  UC NEWS and daily hunt as a regular blogger.  His tireless efforts led to the birth of his own media brand, and Pairokar Tv, respectively.
In January 2022, the media Start-Up ‘Pairokar Media Production Pvt. Ltd’ took shape to raise capital from investors.  The Pairokar Group is on its way to accomplishing a great task, and it is getting success in every field.  We appeal to the readers and common citizens to like and share the content of and Pairokar TV wherever they see it on the digital platform and subscribe to the channel generously.  This small effort of yours will prove to be a significant asset for us, and we will be able to set the standard of healthy journalism in the interest of society and country without any pressure.